Monday, July 26, 2010

Mama Tip

Before I started a blog I always thought of great ideas and things to blog about and now that I have one I am continually drawing a blank! I am working on it though. I am getting ready to be a part of Jo Myers-Walker's booth at the Iowa State Fair and have been super busy getting things completed. More on that in a later post.
My tip today, excuse the absence of photos and slight lameness, is parchment paper. I only recently started using parchment paper in cooking and it is so handy for baking and cooking if you don't want things to stick in the oven. About five years ago a good friend asked my husband and I to babysit their two boys and Tom made us pizza to eat that night. It wasn't just any old pizza it had shrimp and other toppings that I can't remember and probably couldn't pronounce. Tom baked it in the oven with parchment paper covering a paver that normal people use to landscape with but, Tom is an engineer with a chef's soul and created his own brick oven flavor that way. So, I didn't know about parchment paper back then and tried something similar using wax paper, which DOES NOT work!!
But, what I really use my parchment paper for the most is my crafting projects. Especially my jewelry making, the glaze I use is very strong and so while I am making my pendants I always, after learning the hard way one too many times, line my trays with parchment paper so the glaze doesn't glue the pendant to the tray.
There you have it my first Mama Tip, and now off to do the laundry and go to bed. It took me about five or six tries to log in to post this because I can't type or spell tonight-sleep deprivation makes you stupid-another great tip from me! :)


  1. Wow! A patio paver for brick oven flavor? That is so cool!

    I have some parchment paper but never really use it. Hmmm...maybe I should look into this more!

  2. Yes, definitely I use it for everything now!