Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear PW

Dear P-dub, widdy-diddy,

You have no idea who I am-I know; what a crying shame! I am goin
g to attempt to amend that. I figure if Ellen can make it onto the cover of “O” magazine with her "O, Yes ICanCampaign ! " I can make it to Oklahoma for a fun-filled cooking, crafting extravaganza with you and some of your crazy friends, family or a bunch of random strangers!!

I have long been a follower of yours, from back in the days when you were and I could never remember the whole thing, but thankfully my computer did because your blog was and still is the first thing I check in the morning! Your “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” had me hooked. That was before your blog was organized into archives. I had to go back and read every entry so that I could start at the beginning and know what was going on-my husband thought I was obsessed! It was so worth it, I’m a sucker for a great love story and yours was so sweet and the photos of Marlboro Man helped it along so nicely. I never knew how inspiring photos of chaps and forearms could be!

Your recipes have been a huge success at my house and thanks to those man-pleasing recipes I too have more jiggle than I should and yes, I also own a pair of Spanx. Is there a woman alive that doesn’t?

Your punks are adorable I have two; I wish I could ship to your ranch many days-you wouldn’t notice two extra punks would you? They’d fit right in, my daughter would love to ride horses all day and my son is a red-head that loves to wrestle. Which makes me wonder-how did you have four punks without a red-head in the bunch? Here is a picture of my red-headed punk-he's two and trying to pee out in the woods like daddy for the first time. Just keepin' it real.

I’m a red-head too, never dyed it black though. Tried out the blond thing for a while but it just didn’t work for me. We could swap makeup tips for our pale selves, you seem to have the self-tanning down, except the time you forgot your feet of course!


aka: Mama Peacock

*Disclaimer: PW has no idea who I am but any and all support is appreciated-Oklahoma here I come!! O(klahoma) Yes I can!!

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