Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Mama Peacock?

“Is your Mama a Lama?” No she is not is how I reply!! My mama is a Peacock… a crafty, talented, inspiring Peacock!! It only makes sense, then, that it’s her last name and my maiden name! Thus, my business name, Mama Peacock, is after my mom; my muse. Growing up my mom was always doing something artsy/crafty and people loved everything she made! It poured a solid and crafty foundation in my family.

I am a blessed stay-at-home mom, spending my days with my 2 munchkins. My 4 yr. old sassy little girl and my 2 yr. old busy, red-headed boy…I love ‘em so much! And though finger paint and play dough are very fun…I needed some Mama time…an outlet for my creativity and something of my own. Starting my business gives me the opportunity to be here for my family and also the flexibility to continue to do so in the future.
I am excited about the opportunity this business provides for me, allowing me to help others while truly enjoying it. I have always had a love and passion for social justice and try to volunteer in any way I can; the flexibility of being my own boss allows me to do this. Also, I have more means to donate to causes I hold dear… 20% of my sales of cancer items will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation…in honor of my aunts. If you have fundraising needs please contact me…I would love to help if I can!
So, why jewelry and how did I get started? Well, I have always loved jewelry and the self-expression it allows. Five years ago a friend and I were at a craft fair and saw so many beautiful pieces that we wanted…but we decided that we could make them ourselves for cheaper. J Who doesn’t love cheaper…? I started shopping for beads & supplies and haven’t looked back since! Yes, some can get pricey and this whole process can be rather time consuming…but to see people loving the end result and expressing themselves with my creativity makes it all worthwhile!
My mixed media art and picture frames also started with a need to create and have the things I wanted but couldn’t afford in the stores. With much encouragement from family and friends…I decided to go for it and start this business!!
I truly believe beauty radiates from the inside out-so buy a piece of Mama Peacock to decorate your beautiful self or home…and then strut your stuff!!

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