Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mama Peacock, Where Are You?

Remember the show Car 54, Where Are You? I guess I watched too much Nick at Nite while babysitting as a teen.

I have been a busy lady getting our house ready to sell, with the help of my DH of course! We have cleaned, organized and purged like crazy! We filled a 10x20 storage space full of our crap precious possessions, FINALLY put a closet door on the closet in our bedroom after nine years. Refinished our hard wood floors, replaced the shingles, cleaned all the windows inside and out. We cleaned, cleaned and did I mention we CLEANED!?! Not that our house was exceptionally dirty but when it's on display there is this enormous pressure to have it spotless at all times, a very challenging task with a six and three year old!

Our efforts paid off though and we sold it within a week! The good news is we don't close until after the school year is over so no motel living!

My husband got a new position that allows him to work from home, which allows us to move closer to our extended families. It is a bittersweet move for us, we love our house, neighborhood, school and great friends we've made here! However, the opportunity to live so close to family was just too great, and the six hour drive just got to be too much!

So, besides all of that I have been working on getting ready for some upcoming shows, check back tomorrow for a post with my upcoming schedule!

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  1. Congrats on selling your house so quickly! ...We will miss you and your family when you move, but totally understand (and can appreciate) being closer to extended family.