Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part I

Growing up Christmas decorations were saved for the day after Thanksgiving, and then we went to town listening to Christmas music and decorating. My mom had/has the most amazing pieces that she has collected, been gifted or made over the years. Through my parents recent moves my brother, sister and I have been given some of the cherished pieces, so what you see in these pictures is my love of decorating inspired by this beautiful Season and the tradition that my mom started.

Part I is the outside of the house and main level of my house. I had a brunch for some really great girlfriends this past Saturday so I had the tables done up and got some photos snapped before they arrived, unfortunately the battery died before I could get any photos of the food and the little girls' table. I've given up on stressing out about such things. There were things I had planned for the brunch that didn't happen, there were a few dirty dishes in the sink but it didn't stop us from having a great time. I am learning that letting go of my perfectionism makes life so much more fun!

This is my "studio" and the extra table worked great for guests.
The Santa on the right is one of the cherished pieces that mom had, our sweet neighbor gave it to us.

Simple additions make the regular decorations look more festive.

I love Mercury glass and made the silver ones from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.

That window was one of the first "junk" pieces I ever bought.

I love to decorate around windows.

This little guy is all the way from Denmark!

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