Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Prep

Last year for Valentine's Day E was in preschool for the first year and we actually had to make something. So, my mom helped us by cutting out hundreds of hearts out of pink and red construction paper. Don't worry she didn't do it by hand, she cheated and used her Cuttlebug. Last year we punched a hole in the point of two hearts and slid a tootsie pop through the hole and made a "flower". They turned out really cute.

This year we have so many hearts left over we could have done the same thing. But, we changed it up a bit. We made butterflies by gluing the hearts point-over-point and taping a sucker on top. A sharpie was perfect for adding the eyes and antennae. A few random pieces from foam stickers- the perfect embellishment for the wings.

Here is E working on writing the names of her classmates and her own name on the back of the Valentines.

I wish my "night vision" pictures would turn out better-any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

The final result:

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