Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Junk

I've said this before; I love me some junk!! Here are a few of my newest items:

Brenda, at JB Knacker, in Gilbert, IA has such a great selection. I've been drooling over this red table for quite a while and finally decided to get it before it was gone.I love sitting at this little table during the day and working with all the great natural light our new front window lets in.

The wire basket sits on a shelf in the kitchen and holds fruits and vegetables. The tool box is old and rusty, I have an idea for it but will wait to share if it works.

Check out JB Knacker for your own junk finds!! There are a couple other beautiful tables there that I really want but the hubby says he wants to make us one.

I am also consigning there and you can find some of my vintage jewelry there like these pieces:


  1. Love the little red table. Love the jewelry too! I was at JB yesterday. Yep, love me some junk and love JB too! Just a world full of love today. Oh! And I just told the Mary and the little cubs that I loved her too! Great day for feelin' the love! 143

  2. Hm, K's parents will be in town this weekend. Maybe we can leave the kids with the guys and his mom and I can go shop :) Everyone keeps talking about this place, so I probably should check it out!

  3. Kay-sending love your way too!! so glad your dad gets to go home with you!

    Amy-yes, check this place out! I love it and will be working Wednesdays there for a while.