Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forever and Ever- The End

Yesterday I went on and on about how I met my husband and the story behind why I made this; so you can check out yesterday's post if you want the history.

Here is what I made:

I found this old cupboard door at my favorite store, JB Knacker, and wasn't sure what to do with it until this came to me.

First, I laid out the letters to see which combination I liked best. I found my letters at JB Knacker and the Junk Bonanza and substituted chip board letters if I couldn't find ones I needed. As you can see from this picture and the finished product I changed my mind and rearranged a bit.

Next, I had to use some Goo Gone to clean off some old scotch tape.

Next I painted the chip board letters and colored the metal letters so they would show up.

Because I change my mind so much I attached the letters with Handi-Tak so that if I wanted to change a letter out or rearrange the letters I could.

That's it, super fun and easy! Here are some close up pictures:

He loved it and now I am just waiting for him to help hang it up because it is HEAVY!!

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