Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear PW

I was in the same room, breathed the same air, ate the same food as you yesterday!!! I was so excited to see you and get to meet you! I couldn't believe I sat at the table next to yours and could look right at you! Was it weird to have so many adoring women staring at you and asking for pictures with you?

It was so great to see you in person and hear your story and answers to the audience questions. Too bad I made a dork of myself when I got your autograph. It was so rushed after lunch and I was babbling to you when I talked to you and I was SWEATING!!! When I met you, you told me that you saw my "friendly face"-eek you NOTICED me!!! The crazy thing is that there were lots of other big names there like Amy Butler, Nancy Soriano, Jo Packham and I wasn't nervous or dorky around them but as soon as I was near you I got all tongue tied and stupid. I really need to go to the lodge and get a second chance! :)

When I got back to my hotel room my husband told me he got to ride in the elevator with you! He didn't make a fool of himself like I did though, and being the super shy guy he is he didn't say anything to you.

One picture is all I have with you and I'm all shiny and disheveled looking, you look wonderful of course!
I was so embarrassed of my camera while at TCC, everyone had such awesome cameras, it is obvious from this picture that I need a new camera and a good editing program. First I need to get some skills! I admit I haven't paid much attention to your photography section because I didn't think I could do it but now I want to so will have to educate myself.

Thanks for making my day!!


  1. uhhuhuhuh (that was a clearing my throat noise.)

    I can help you with the photo editing!!!

    How cool that you got to meet her! I spent several days reading her entire blog about 3 years ago. She's awesome!

  2. Katie,
    It was incredible and a great day! I have been thinking more about you and getting Creative Memories software afterall. I'll be in touch!

  3. So fun to meet you and have dinner with you!
    xoxo, Tracy