Saturday, September 18, 2010


I made so many wonderful connections and new friends while at The Creative Connection Event. I was only there for Thursday and would have loved to be there the whole time, but I still learned so much! I feel more energized, recharged and passionate about creating. Creating; life, art, love, excitement and happiness.

I was blown away at how far some of the women traveled to get to TCC. I met women from Texas, NYC, Vermont, Utah and many from the Midwest. I can honestly say everyone was so down to earth and friendly. Someone unfamiliar with the big names there wouldn't have been able to pick them out in the crowd because they were all so humble, welcoming and super nice! I didn't know who Heather Bailey was when she sat down at my table for lunch, she introduced her self and was very nice. I didn't realize until later how famous and successful she is.

It was a great sisterhood and bond to be with women passionate about creating; whether for their business, livelihood or feeding the fire in their soul.

The food was also incredible! Lunch was pasta and red velvet cake from PW's cookbook. I had my gluten free salad and creme brule, which was delicious and dessert was an extra special treat as I don't usually get that when I'm out. Dinner was equally delicious!

The decorations were also amazing! The lunch tables were decorated with black and white vintage style place settings. The dinner center pieces were a velum with flower motif and a candle illuminating the hurricane shaped velum. The table cloths were made from Amy Butler fabric she donated. The event was pulled off with such great attention to detail, and of course with many creative, original touches.

The vendors in the handmade market had beautiful and amazing original wares for sale. I regret that I didn't have enough time to really shop and get something pretty.
I apologize I don't have a bunch of beautiful pictures to show you. My camera is dying a slow and painful death but I'm not ready, or sure what to buy next. So, check out TCC on Facebook and PW's home and garden section for great pictures!

I am definitely checking into when and where it will be held next year, I am planning on being there and you should too!!!!

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