Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Modge Podge + Food Coloring= SO COOL!!

As promised here is my post about my first auction score, the glass soda bottles. Below is a picture of the bottles all cleaned up; I just used hot soapy water nothing special. That is my four year old in the background, of course she wanted to get in on the action! I had an old frappuccino bottle, and that is what I used for her. I had to use Goo Gone to get the label off so I really made sure that I had all the residue off for fear the Modge Podge mixture wouldn't stick.

Above is the cast of characters; Modge Podge (I used the Matte indoor Modge Podge), food coloring, a variety of brushes, and the bottles. I used foil over a plate for easy clean up. I started by mixing the Modge Podge and food color together and started painting on the bottle with no rhyme or reason. This was really simple and fun, my daughter really enjoyed it!

I just used a paper towel, Target brand, to achieve the stippled effect. You can play around with the two sides, they have different patterns and you can create different looks depending on the side you use. In the pictures below you can see the difference between the stippled green one and the blue one I tried using the brush to create the effect. It didn't really work as well so I stuck with the paper towel method.
I am really excited with the end result and don't have a plan for these, other than looking pretty in my window! I definitely want to do this again and think there are so many possibilities for gift-giving ideas. I am already thinking of how cool this would look on some vases and filling with flowers for teacher's gifts, grandmas, endless recipients! I bought more food coloring because we only had red, green, and blue and I mixed the red and blue for a purple that turned out pretty good. I found a set of neon food coloring, wonder what that looks like!

This is a great project to do with kids too, just know it's messy and probably not going to come out of clothes. Remember how I wrote about trashing my table in the previous post? You should see it now!! Here are some pictures of the final result after a night of drying. Can you guess which one is my daughters? She is so proud of it!!

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