Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear PW

Dear PW,
My sister told me about the Creative Connection Event way back in March. We were definitely going to go and then she backed out. So, I was just going to go, and then decided it was too expensive. It had been in my mind and then two weeks ago I saw that you are going to be the keynote during the opening day lunch-I knew I HAD to go!!!! So, my wonderful husband has agreed to schedule our weekend away around the event so I can go!

I just have to remember my cookbook for you to sign and pray I don't forget how to talk when I meet you!

Also, could you please block off a few hours so you can effectively answer all my questions about photography, blogging, surviving sleep deprivation, self-tanning and my visit to the Lodge. You know, all the important stuff!

Thank you

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