Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I finally found the pictures from the State fair, they were hidden because of my security program. Here they are:

I have been so busy since the fair getting my kiddos ready for school. E started Kindergarten and B started morning preschool.

I am leaving on Wednesday for the Junk Bonanza, to help Brenda of JB Knacker fame and sell some of my wares. Check out my facebook page for pictures of new designs.

Upcoming shows:

Main Street Market at JB Knacker on September 24th from 8am-3pm. Vendors will be outside and the shop is having a 20% off sale~don't miss it!

The next day, Sunday September 25th I will be at Miss Meyers with some of the other local artists that sell there for a meet and greet/trunk show. If you haven't been to this store yet this is a perfect opportunity! It is also the Octagon Art Show downtown so there will be plenty to see and do downtown on that day!

Hope to see you somewhere or everywhere!! :)

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