Thursday, August 25, 2011

Main Street Market

Getting ready for the Main Street Market at JB Knacker in Gilbert this Saturday, August 27th. I am trying my hand at reviving some old junk and furniture to sell. I have experience in doing this for myself and our home but have never sold anything so I am a little nervous, excited and interested to see how it all goes 
over. Here are some pictures for a sneak peak:

Seat Cover Option A

Seat Cover Option B

I tried editing these photos five times and kept accidentally deleting them so sorry for the rough cuts! ;)

Which seat cover will I pick? You'll have to be there Saturday to find out!!!


  1. nice work sarah, hope the show was great! ;)

  2. Thanks Jenn-it was a great show and a fun day!!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    This is Nancy from Our Iowa Magazine. It was nice meeting you today! I sure wish I could have been at JB Knacker's on Saturday. It would have been so fun.